About The Lab

Since the University's inception, the Bachelor of IT programme has offered a variety of networking courses. In the beginning, the University had leveraged its partnership with Durham College in order to provide facilities for its networking laboratory classes. After a few years, it became apparent that the growth of the University meant that sharing the Durham College networking lab was no longer appropriate to best serve the needs of our students, and so the UOIT networking lab was officially created.

The UOIT Networking Lab includes a significant investment in state-of-the-art networking equipment that will properly prepare our students for the current and future demands of the IT industry, while ensuring that all of our students have ample hands-on access to real equipment.

The lab is located in room 1158 in the northwest corner of the Simcoe building, which also houses several other state-of-the-art research and teaching labs in computing and information technology. The lab is run by the Faculty of Business and IT, and is dedicated to providing a hands-on networking experience for the students.