Reservation Policies

The following reservation policies are in place to ensure that every student has equal opportunity to access the equipment outside of the classroom.

  1. Equipment access is for registered students only. Do not reserve equipment for anyone other than yourself. If you believe you should have access to the equipment, please contact us.
  2. Do not share your credentials (permanent or temporary) with anyone.
  3. Only one active reservation is permitted per student. You cannot create a new reservation until your most recent one has finished.
  4. Reservations can only be made up to 20 minutes after the selected start time of the reservation.
  5. Reservations cannot be made more than two weeks in advance.
  6. Reservations will be for a maximum of 3 hours unless otherwise arranged by an administrator.
  7. Reservations should only be made if you are sure you will be able to use your reserved time. Reservation usage will be monitored for no-shows and repeat offenders may have their privileges revoked.
  8. Remote access to the equipment is by no means guaranteed. Remote equipment access is intended to supplement your regular in-class lab time, not replace it. You are expected to attend your regularly scheduled in-class labs and complete your work there. Problems with remote access to equipment will not be considered as grounds for extensions on assignments.
  9. In order to ensure that people using the devices after you can access them, all usernames and passwords should be set to cisco. Also, all configurations must be erased and devices reloaded prior to the end of your reservation. Consideration for your fellow users is a must!

By using the reservation system and/or accessing the equipment remotely you are agreeing to these policies. Failure to abide by the reservation policies or abuse of the system will result in the revocation of your reservation privileges.